Beachy Business is an engineering and manufacturing company.

Our goods are built to be marketed globally. We focus on products that are used on the beach and by the swimming pool.

Your Support is Essential

Company Background:

Beachy Business was founded by Brad Rhoney in May of 2014. Brad is an entrepreneur and inventor from Hickory, North Carolina.

Beachy Business has two product lines, the “Just Beachy Umbrella Table” and the “Mighty Beachy Umbrella Anchor.” – Just Beachy attaches to the umbrella at the users desired height. It has a handle, two cup holders, and Velcro straps to carry your umbrella to the beach.

Mighty Beachy is a newly engineered beach anchor that is easily installed and more secure than the latest corkscrew style anchors. Beachy Business has additional goods in the development stage and will be brought to market in the near term.

Beachy Business holds provisional patents on the beach anchor and the umbrella support part for the umbrella table. We are working on enhancements that will make Beachy Business products even better.

Markets/Distribution Channels:
Our target market is beach goers between the ages 25 and 55. They’re 11,000,000 beach
umbrellas sold every year in the United States.